Hello, my name is Victor Chan. I wrote this to tell you a little bit about myself. If you're reading this then you may be considering to hire me for some work. Otherwise, you're surfing the web in all the wrong places; there are plenty of more interesting places to visit.

In any case, I am a front-end developer by trade. Although skilled in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I have also been programming for a number of years in ActionScript 3, the choice language associated with Flash (the technology, not the superhero). Unlike many, I believe the demise of Flash is still a long ways off. According to some people of more authority HTML5 cannot yet entirely replace what Flash can do. I love both circles of technologies; they have their places and I believe circumstances dictate what is best used.

My career informally dates back to the very late '80s when I built websites for fun (and for very little profit). After a stint in higher education (the dot-com did not prevail for me but I did graduate, twice), I wound up at IBM. I eventually became a senior developer in its Interactive group in Toronto. I toiled there for 10 years through good and difficult times. I think it's made me a wiser and certainly more knowledgeable person. I've since struck out on my own, working for different companies as a hired hand.

I have been fortunate to work with many talented individuals that have expanded my experience beyond that of programming. I have been told by colleagues that I have a good eye for design and understanding of usability. I work well in teams because I strive to understand and work with my teammates, and interesting projects encourage me to work hard for their success. I am fortunate if I can contribute in all stages of a project from consulting and assessment to creative ideation to development and ultimately, release. I like to think that due to my experience and personal interests, I am a well-rounded individual suited to the field of User Experience; I certainly enjoy it there.

For quantitative information about me, please visit my Linked In profile; there, you can read about my background and work history as well as a little bit of puffery (testimonials) from my kind colleagues. You can be assured they were not compensated in any way.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter as well. The stream comprises ramblings of technology, film, comic books, photography, food, things related to Toronto and news around the Internet; a virtual cornucopia of stuff.

I can be emailed at: hello [at] fivetwelve dot ca.